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Case Opening

Cambridge Audio CA Azur 351C


Cambridge Audio CA 351C is a CD only player
Cambridge Audio CA Azur 351C

This is CA Azur 351C CD only player.

I bought it longer than 1 year; therefore, the warranty is over.

I would like to open the case because the CD tray is always stuck when pressing the CD eject button. According to the experiences, this problem can be solved by replacing the rubber driving band

CA 351C Open the upper cover is very easy ... ...
The Power Supply Circuit
I did not disassemble the Power Supply Circuit because it is not my target.
The Main actor ... CD Tray

According to my experience, the front plate of the tray has to be removed before removing the tray.

However, ... this is not necessary ...

There are two hook on the front plate.

The Rubber Band can be seen ... but ...
After trying un-screw some screws, I still could not disassemble the tray.
There are many parts holding the tray in place which cannot be disassembled by un-screwing and there are total 3 gears driving the tray in and out, they "lock" the tray in place securely ... ... I spent more than 30 minutes ... I thought I found the key part however it is glued ... ...

The red arrow shows the sensor which tells the player the tray is opened.

At this point, I gave up ... ... I only used a screw driver to check the conditions of the rubber band and clean it. I found it is still elastic and there is no damage.

After the cleaning, the CD tray moves in and out smoothly.

I do not think this CD tray can be repaired by me because all parts are securely fixed together ... ... this design fits Cambridge Audio's marketing information - "our in-house designed, audio-only CD transport " ... ... different from other brands !!!