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5Z3P, 6N9P, EL34

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My AV System

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star Testing Result 2016-5-14
star Testing Result 2014-7-27

Case Opening

star Cambridge Audio
CA 351C
star KEF Q300 Speaker


star 5z3p 6n9p EL34
Tube Amplifier DIY kit
star AudioQuest USB A-B Forest 1.5m
star B&W 685 S2 speaker
star WireWorld RCA Luna 7 1m

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star Medeco Lock Replacement
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My System Test



Equipment under test

CAS Lenovo Z360 + Foobar2000
2.1 Amplifier Cambridge Audio 651A
Speaker Cable Qed Ruby Anniversary Evolution
Speaker B&W 685 S2

Test Equipment

Microphone iMM-6 iDevice Calibrated Measurement Microphone
Phone SAMSUNG Note 2 LTE  
Software Spectrum Analyser by keuwlsoft ( freeware at Google Play)
Spectrum Analyser by Raspberrywood ( freeware at Google Play)

The Environmental Sound recorded in my listening area

Testing result
The sound signal is not continuous.


The Environmental Sound recorded in my listening area

Test result
Sound signal is continuous.

Please refer to the last test for the test method.

You may get more information / test tone from:

Moreover, you may try to move your head or even go around the listening room. You may have a new experience about where the Perfect Listening Seat is. Actually, there is no such thing in the real world ... ... except you fix your head at one spot.

After the test, I found my hearing ability is not quite good ... I cannot hear the frequency start from 14,000 Hz.