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Air Vac - Vacuum Pump
RC Cars Oil Damper / Oil Shock Absorber


There are at least Two Famous RC (Radio Control) Toy Brands selling the Air Vaccum Pump for dealing with the bubbles in the Oil Damper.

The cheapest one in the market costs about US$30. However, we can DIY one for less than US$10.

Not good looking ... but it can save your money and time.

bubbles in shock oil

Bubbles in the Shock Oil

DIY Vaccum Pump Shock Oil Diy set of Vaccum
Vacuum Pump Preserver

The Vacuum Pump Preserver only cost US$3.

This vacuum pump is for preserving the Red Wine.

The Glass Bollte with air-tight lid is Free of charge.

You can get one by finishing a jar of Fruit Jam, Honey, etc.

Drill a big hole on the lid for the plug and seal the gap by hot glue.
The video shows the efficiency of eliminating the bubble in the shock oil.