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Book: Watches - The British Museum

This book tells the story of the watch through major examples in the collection, representing all the principal makers of Europe and America.

Total 77 watches, with over 270 sharp, clear, colorful photographs, are discussed in this book.

From the cover of this book, you should know the book emphasizes on the pocket watches; however, watch-clocks and wrist watches are also included.

Sample Pages
Watches p.30
Watches p.42
Watches p.84
Watches p.118
Watches in this book
Ms: tambour-cased watch, South Germany, c. 1560
Hans Schniep: stackfreed clock - watch, Speyer, Germany, c. 1580
Noël Cusin: oval-cased verge watch, Autun, c. 1580
Ghyllis van Gheele: oval-cased verge watch, London, 1589
Jan Janssen Bockelts: verge clock-watch, Aachen or Haarlem, c. 1600
H. Roberts: verge watch with astronomical dial, London, c. 1600 - 10
Isaac Simmes: verge watch, London, 1600 - 10
GH: octagonal-cased clock-watch, Germany (perhaps Lubeck ?), c. 1600 - 20
Niklaus Rugendas: quarter-striking stackfreed clock-watch, Augsburg, c. 1620
David Ramsay: oval-cased verge watch, London, c. 1625
Jean Vallier: clock-watch with calendar dial, Lyon, c. 1630
Louis Vautier: verge watch, Blois, c. 1630 - 38
Robert Grinkin the younger: Puritan-style pair-cased verge watch, London, 1630 - 40
David Bouguet: watch, London, 1650
Blaise Foucher: verge watch, Blois, c. 1650
Jean Baptiste Duboule: verge coach watch, Geneva, c. 1650
Johann Conrad Wolf: verge skull watch, Donauwörth, Germany, c. 1660
Charles Gretton: pair-cased verge watch, London, c. 1675 - 80
Thomas Tompion: verge watch with seconds dial, London, 1688
Joseph Kenton: pair-cased verge watch, London, c. 1690
Thomas Tompion: pair-cased verge watch, London, 1692 - 3
Daniel Quare: pair-cased verge clock-watch, London, 1693
John Bushman: pair-cased verge watch with royal bust, London, c. 1700
Peter Fardoil: pair-cased verge watch with fly-back hands, London, 1700
David Lestourgeon: pair-cased verge watch, London, 1702 - 3
Gauthier: verge watch, Paris, c. 1710
Henry Massy: pair-cased watch, London, 1711
Daniel Delander: verge with independent stop-watch, London, c. 1725
George Graham: pair-cased cylinder watch, London, 1727
Joseph Spiegel (Legeips): verge coach watch, Friedberg, c. 1745
Thomas Mudge: minute-repeating clock-watch, London, 1755
Ferdinand Berthoud: month-going cylinder watch, Paris, 1760
Humbert & Pastres / Guillaume Bouvier: pair-cased verge watch, Paris, c. 1760
John Wilter: pair-cased verge watch, Geneva, c. 1760
David Pons: double-dial cylinder watch, Paris, c.1770
John Arnold and Abraham Louis Breguet: chronometer, London, 1774, and Paris, 1808
John Arnold: cylinder watch, London, 1775
John Leroux: chatelaine and quarter-repeating watch, London, 1777 - 8
Ellicott of London: pair-cased cylinder watch, London, 1778
George Margetts: verge watch with astronomical dial, London, 1778
Thomas Martin: cylinder stop-watch, London, 1778
John Arnold: pocket chronometer, London, 1780
Josiah Emery: watch with detached lever escapement, London, 1786
Jean-Antoine Lépine: cylinder watch, Paris, 1788
Abraham Louis Breguet: ruby cylinder watch, Paris, 1798
Thomas Earnshaw: pair-cased pocket chronometer, London, 1800
Jean Chambon: verge watch, Paris, c. 1800
Edward Massey: pair-cased lever watch, London, 1813
Josiah Bartholomew: triple-cased verge watch, London, 1815
Anonymous (attrib. Bovet): pair of lever watches, Fleurier, Switzerland, c. 1820
Benjamin Lewis Vulliamy: duplex watch, London, 1821
Anonymous (perhaps Bautte & Cie): cylinder watch, Geneva, c. 1830
Hunt & Roskell: pocket chronometer, London, 1836
Breguet et Fils: lever watch, Paris, 1844
John Travel: verge watch, Dublin, 1845
W. Wagstaff: duplex watch, London, 1856
Joseph Preston: movement ébauche for a lever watch, Prescot, Liverpool, c. 1860
Sir John Bennett: clock-watch, London and Geneva, c. 1878
Auburndale Watch Company: rotary watch, Massachussetts, 1878 - 83
Roskopf: lever watch, La Chaux de Fonds, 1895 - 1900
Barraud & Lund: lever watch, London, 1909
Maker unknown: coin watch, Switzerland, 1911
New England Watch Company: duplex watch, Waterbury, Connecticut, 1912
Robert H. Ingersoll & Bro.: wristwatch, USA, 1915
Schild & Cie: eight-day lever watch, La Chaux De Fonds, 1918
John Harwood: self-winding wristwatch, Switzerland, 1929
Ebel SA: hermetic purse Watch, La Chaux de Fonds, c. 1930
The Rolex Watch Company: pocket or purse watch, Bienne, Switzerland, 1932
Ingersoll Ltd: pin-pallet lever watch, Ystradgynlais and London, 1952
Jaeger-LeCoultre: automatic wristwatch, Le Sentier, Switzerland, 1953
Lip SA: electro-mechanical wristwatch, Besancon, France, 1968 - 70
Bulova Watch Company: world time 'Accutron' wristwatch, New York, c. 1970
Longines-Wittnauer: wristwatch, USA, 1974
George Daniels: watch with Daniels double-wheel escapement, London, 1976
Omega Watch Company: wristwatch, La Chaux de Fonds, c. 1980
Swatch: quartz wristwatches, Biel, Switzerland, 1980s - 90s
Casion Computer Company Ltd: radio-controlled wristwatch, Tokyo, 2007

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