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Poor Man's Watch Ice Test

What is a Poor Man's Watch ? How about 2 watches for less than US$ 10 ?

Poor Man's Watch - 1

HK$ 20 / US$ 2.56

Poor Man's Watch - 2

HK$ 50 / US$ 6.41


The Real Poor Man's Watches are iced together for about 2 hours; however, they are still running very well ? !

The analog one is O.K. but the digital ...

Digital Watch with water inside

The digital one was running very well at first. After about 30 minutes of complete de-freezing, the alarm of the watch started chiming and could no be stopped.

Moreover, the back light did not work, the display changed to showing the Month and the Date, the time display did not show up again.

When I swung the watch, the alarm stopped with nothing shown and I found there were water drops inside the watch.

I think the water drops were the condensed water rather than the ice water because the watch ran well in the water and in the ice, and even out of the ice at the beginning.

And I think the watch was short-circuited by the condensed water.

I am going to disassemble the digital watch, see what is inside.
Poor Man's Watch 1 , 2

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