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Lesson 9 -- What is Automatic Watch Movement 2 March 2007
Tools Required: Movement Holder, Eye Loupe, Screw Drivers, Tweezers, small boxes
In this lesson, I only introduce the Automatic Winding mechanism and the Date mechanism. Other mechanisms are same as or similar to those of the movement discussed in Lesson 7.
Movement up

This is a simple China Made Automatic-Winding movement with the center second hand, date display and the function of "second hand hacking".

Movement back
Rotor screw Unscrew the screw in green circle and pick up the Rotor.
Winding Mechanism

Unscrew and disassemble the Automatic Winding mechanism.

The design is same as the Seiko Magic Lever.

Winding Mechanism - 1
Winding Mechanism - 2
Winding Mechanism - 3
Winding Mechanism - 4
Winding Mechanism - 5
Winding Mechanism Parts All parts of the Auto-Winding Mechanism
Release the power Release the power.
Back Plate Unscrew and pick up the plate.

Parts in green ellipse

Mainspring Barrel
Mainspring Barrel Opened

Pay attention on the end of the Mainspring (Y- shape).

This design let the Mainspring slide along the surface of the inside surface of the Mainspring Barrel when the Mainspring is fully winded.

Therefore, the Mainspring will not be broken by the unlimited winding by the Automatic-Winding mechanism.

Second Hand Hacking
Second Hand Hacking - 1
Second Hand Hacking - 2

Pull the stem to the 3rd position (Time Setting)

A lever will stop the Wheels from turning - second hand hacking.


Unscrew and pick up the plate.

Caution !!!

There are many small parts under the plate.

The slot on the plate is for putting back an U-shape spring mentioned later.

Date Plate  
Date Plate Mechanism

Pull the stem to 2nd position (Date Setting)

When turning the crown, a gear will push A and B will push the "Date Plate"

Date Plate Position Lock

This mechanism locks the Date Plate in the correct position.

Pay attention to the U-shape spring.
Pull it out and place it back through the slot on the plate during assembly.


Date Plate Function

When the Watch is running, the hour wheel turns and turns the Date Plate every 24-hour by A.

If there is a Day Plate, B will change the day as A.


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