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Casio Waveceptor 17 Jan 2016 (Updated: 12 June 2021)

Casio Waveceptor is not a new technology. There are many people using it. However, not all user can enjoy this technology because the TIME SIGNALs do not cover the whole world.

Even your living / working area is covered by the TIME SIGNAL, the watch with waveceptor may not synchronize with the TIME SIGNAL because of the interference.

If it is the problem you are facing ... or you would like to check the function of the waveceptor freely ... there is a good Japanese web site for you and ONE more Apps for you NOW (updated on 12 June 2021)

1. Updated: 21 June 2021


This Apps is percet for all Radio Controlled Timepiece Users, it supports all Coding:

Chine - BPC


Japan - JJY40 / JJY60

Germany DCF77


2. 17 Jan 2016


You may use the Google Translate to translate the web site.

After downing the software at the upper left corner provided by the web site above ... you can try to synchronize your watch through your computer speaker.

1. Install the software ... then, open the software ... you will see:
Waveceptor Simulator

2. Set the time:
Waveceptor Simulator

3. Set the Time Zone of your watch to TYO (Tokyo, Japan)

4. Use the Waveceptor Time Signal Manual Receive function

5. Put your watch near your Computer Speaker

6. Press the "On" button of the software ... Now you may hear some annoying sound from the speaker.

7. Check the signal level of the watch ... L1 / L2 / L3 ... you can turn up the volume of the speaker or put the watch close to the speaker in order to increase the signal level.

8. Stay far from the speaker if your watch signal level is L2 or L3 ... the watch needs about 10 minutes to finish the synchronization.

9. Try again if the synchronization fails.

10. If the synchronization is OK ... set the Time Zone of your watch back to your Time Zone.

... Good Luck


Your help and support is deeply appreciated. Please add my link to your web-site

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