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Deadbeat A mechanical watch's second hand jumps from one second to the next in a non-continuous manner --- similar to a quartz watch. Its name comes from the fact that it can be stopped "dead", while the watch is still running.
Demi-Hunter Case A protective lid hinged to a watchcase to cover the dial but with a hole in the center large enough so the time can still be read.
Deployant /
Deployment Buckle

A buckle on a watch strap that opens and closes using hinged extenders.

Invented by Louis Cartier in 1910, a deployant buckle is easier to fasten than a normal buckle and prevents the watch from falling off the wrist.

Dial Face of a watch
Digital Display Time shown by using numbers instead of hands on a dial.
Direct Drive Refers to a seconds-hand that moves forwards in little jerks. Trotteuse, French term for a direct-drive seconds-hand, especially a centre seconds-hand.
Display Back A transparent back that allows the movement to be viewed; usually made of synthetic sapphire.
Doppel - Chronograph Refer to Split second chronograph
Dual Time Watch A watch can display 2 time zones at the same time.
Duo-Dial Watch Watches with faces divided into two parts; traditionally the hour and minute hands are on top and the second hand is below.

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