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Ébauche Historically this French term meant an unfinished, raw movement with just the main plate, the wheels, and the bridges. More recently it has come to mean anything from a raw movement supplied as a "parts kit" to an entire decorated, assembled, and adjusted movement; often used in reference to manufacturers supplying watch brands with completed movements upon which the latter then put their names.
Ébauche An incomplete watch movement most frequently purchased from specialized suppliers by watch manufacturing brands. The ébauche is a raw part that does not include any of the watch's regulating parts, nor its dials and hands.
Electric timepiece Include electric winding, electronically governed balance-wheel or pendulum
Electronic timepiece Clock and watch with solid-state (transistorized) control of the power supply
Equation of Time The difference between the clock time and the time defined by the position of the sun. Because we divide the day into 24 equal hours, true solar time differs slightly.

This most important part of the watch movement serves a dual function:

  • Makes sure the oscilIator keeps oscillating, whether in a pendulum based clock or in a balance-wheel-based mechanical watch.

  • Releases the power from the mainspring in very regulated increments that control the motion of the hands and therefore the display of the time.
Escape Wheel Driven by the gears in the power train, it regulates the unwinding action of the mainspring and supplies power to the balance wheel via the pallet fork in a lever escapement watch.
Etablissage French term for the method of manufacturing watches and/or movements by assembling their various components. It generally includes the following operations: receipt, inspection and stocking of the "e'bauche", the regulating elements and the other parts of the movement and of the make-up; assembling; springing and timing; fitting the dial and hands; casing; final inspection before packing and dispatching.
Etablisseur French term for a watch factory which is engaged only in assembling watches, without itself producing the components, which it buys from specialist suppliers.

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