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Factory In the Swiss watch industry, the term manufacture is used of a factory in which watches are manufactured almost completely, as distinct from an "atelier de terminage", which is concerned only with assembling, timing, fitting the hands and casing.
Fast Beat Historically, fast-beat refereed to watch movements with a beat rate higher than 18,000 VPH (vibrations per hour); today it refers to movements with 28,800 or 36,000 VPH.

The final step in manufacturing any part or component. A crude or rough surface created by a file or a saw blade is generally said to be unfinished, whereas a highly polished or carefully grained (brushed) and beveled surface is said to be finely finished (depending on how well it's done).

Some finishing details are critical to the proper operation of the part in question and are called functional finishing.

Other finishing details are purely decorative and demonstrate the skill of the watchmaker.

Generally when collectors discuss finishing, they are referring to the decorative detailing of the movement or case. There is a complex language of finishing styles and techniques that might be discussed by movement connoisseurs in the same way wine lovers discuss grape varieties, vintages, and terroir.

Fly-back Hand

A term that has 2 semi-distinct meanings in watchmaking.

Differentiate a flyback chronograph (the chronograph can be instantaneously reset and restarted with a single push of the flyback or reset button) from a conventional chronograph, in which you push the start / stop button, the reset button, then the start / stop button again to accomplish the same function.

Describe the reset action of a conventional chronograph or any hand that retrogrades - or returns to a start position with an instantaneous action, i.e., flyback hand, flyback action, flyback function.

Folding Clasp Refer to Deployant
Form movement Any movement that is not round. Shapes may be tonneau,baguette, rectangular, square and oval.
Foudroyante A small dial on a chronograph marked 0 ~ 8. The small hand on the dial completes a sweep every second, allowing the time to be read in 1 / 8 second. Foudroyantes have also been produced with 1 / 4 or 1 / 5 second readings.
Foundation Qualité Fleurier

A new quality label launched in the fall of 2004 in Fleurier, Switzerland by 4 watch manufacturers ( Chopard, Armigiani Fleurier, Bovet Fleurier, Vaucher Manufacture ).

This label is open to all Swiss and European producers of mechanical Haute Horlogerie, and takes all the characteristics expected of a high-end watch into account: accuracy, durability and quality of the aesthetic finish.

Free Sprung Balance A balance and hairspring that does not involve a regulator and curb pins; instead, screws, nuts, or inertia blocks on the balance rim alter the moment of inertia of the balance to change the rate.
Full Rotor Automatic watches with oscillating weights, or rotors, that rotate through 360 degrees, to distinguish them from a bumper wind.
Fusee During the 15th century, fusee is invented to even out the unequal force produced by a mainspring as it unwinds. The fusee is on the same arbor as the great wheel and has the shape of a truncated curved cone with a spiral groove on it.

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