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Gasket A formed piece of rubber or nylon (cork and even lead were used in the past as well), designed to prevent water from entering the case.
Gear Train /
Going Train
An assortment of wheels and pinions that either slow down or speed up the transfer of rotational energy.
Geneva Seal Dating back to 1886, a seal that certifies a watch meets certain standards of quality set by the Canton of Geneva (exclusively for movements produced in Geneva); these standards were revised (and tightened) in 1957.
Glass Refer to Crystal
Glucydur A trade name for beryllium copper, used to make high-grade balance wheels.

A watch that displays Greenwich Mean Time in addition to the local time; also called UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

GMT is the basis for civil time in the UK, based on the Greenwich meridian. Other countries use different time zones. e.g. Hong Kong is GMT + 8 hours

Gold Filled Rather than being made of 100% gold, a gold-filled case is one in which gold bars are soldered to a base metal, then rolled into sheets, providing a higher thickness of gold than gold-plating.
Grande Sonnerie /
Great Strike
A watch that strikes hours and quarter hours in passing; typically also accompanied by a minute repeater function.
Guilloche The French word for engine turning, used to describe a decoration most commonly found on the surface of a watch dial.

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