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A trade name for the most commonly used kind of shock-absorber system.

Incastar Portescap developed a system to adjust the rate of a watch without the normal fast / slow index. The outside end of the balance spring spiral is held between 2 sprung rollers. A small star on one of the rollers allows the rate of the balance to be changed by lengthening or shortening the spring.
Independent Seconds Refer to Deadbeat
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A relatively simple and cheap, but effective design for a chronograph with a split-second hand, first patented in 1948.

As in the conventional split-seconds chronograph, a second arbor goes through the cannon of the chronograph hand. This arbor has a stud at its end. The 2 hands are connected by a coiled hairspring, the chronograph-hand carrying the split-secondes hand with it. A pin under the chronograph-hand prevents the split-seconds hand overtaking it. A button in the crown controls a brake that acts on the stud, stopping the split-seconds hand ( to take an intermediary time ), while the chronograph-hand keeps running. Releasing the button allows the spring to bring the 2 hands together. The maximum interval for intermediary times is 60 seconds, because the pin on the running chronograph-hand comes up against the stationary split seconds hand after 1 minute.

Integrated Bracelet A metal watchband incorporated into the watchcase.
Isochronism Technically, the extent to which the balance will keep the same rate at varying amplitudes, whether the changes in amplitude are the result of horizontal to vertical positional changes or varying states of wind; generally used to indicate whether a watch keeps the same time when fully wound or half wound, etc.

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