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L.C.D. Liquid Crystal Display - A display constructed by a thin layer of liquid (ink), which is controlled by electricity, between two plates. This is commonly used on digital watches.
L.E.D. Light Emitting Diode - a kind of technology which is used in digital displays on electronic quartz watches. There are very few L.E.D. watches now because a better technology exists - L.C.D.
Lépine caliber Movement in which the wheel-bearings are held by several bridges instead of a single large plate.
Level Refer to Pallet

An old unit of measurement in watchmaking, derived from the Pied du Roy, the French "royal foot".

1 Ligne = 2.2558 mm. Dimensions of watch movements are still expressed in lignes (''').

LNIB Abbreviation for " like new in box "
Local Mean Time LMT, Solar time which is corrected for the Equation of Time but not for the displacement of the observer from his time meridian.
Lugs The projections on the watchcase that hold the spring bars used to attach a strap or bracelet.
Luminova A trade name for a non-radioactive luminous material for watch dials and hands.

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