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Pallet The central component of the escapement, also known as the lever, pallet lever, or pallet fork. It alternately locks and receives impulse from the escape wheel and is unlocked by and provides impulse to the balance via the roller jewel.
Pair-cased watch

A watch in which the movement is housed in an inner case which itself is then contained in a second, outer, case.

In the past, the inner case was called a box, the outer case was called pair-case or outer case.

Patina Discoloration of a dial or hands which is usually due to aging.
Perlage A decorative surface treatment of small overlapping circles applied primarily to bridges or the visible portions of the main plate.
Perpetual Calendar

A complication that adjusts itself automatically for different month lengths and leap years.

Pilot's Watch Refer to Aviator's watch
Pinion The smaller, geared portion of a wheel; pinions have "eaves" where wheels have "teeth.

Often the main plate, the primary piece supporting the movement's various parts and bridges. The bottom side of a plate is the dial side, the top side is the bridge side.

Sometimes the word plate is used interchangeably with bridge or sometimes refers to smaller, thin coverings or fixtures in a movement.

Poincon de Genève

A certification established in 1886 by the state of Geneva to recognize the superior manufacture of certain watch calibers. C.O.S.C is based on the movement's accuracy; however, Poincon de Genève represents the quality of materials, finishes, ...

The central requirement is that the movement must be assembled and set in Geneva by a Geneva-based company. Poincon de Genève is a prestigious quality label, the privilege of a few Haute Horlogerie manufacturers.

Pomme Hands Refer to Breguet Hands
Power Reserve The lenght of time a watch can run from fully wound until it stops.
Power Reserve Indicator A sub-dial shows how much power remains before a watch stops running.
Pulsometer A scale on the dial or bezel of a watch that, with the second hand, can be used to measure a person's pulse rate.
Pump winding An early form of keyless winding in pocket watches by pushing and pulling a winding shaft in and out of the case.
Pusher A button on a watchcase that activates a function like the chronograph start / stop or reset, an alarm on / off switch, or a quick-set date corrector.

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