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Screw back A back that is able to be screwed into the case, as opposed to watch backs that are screwed in through the use or small screws or are snapped on.
Screw-down Crown A crown that screws down into the case to make a watch more water- and dust-resistant.
Second Time-Zone Indicator An additional dial that can be set to another time zone.
Shock Absorber Typically used on the balance pivots, allowing them to shift slightly in their position during shocks without breaking the pivots.
Shock Resistant The ability to withstand an impact equal to a 3 foot fall onto a wooden floor.
Skeleton Watch A watch whose movement has had much of the material for the plates, bridges, and sometimes even wheels and barrel removed to expose more of the mechanism.
Small Second Seconds displayed by a hand in a small subsidiary dial.
Sonnerie A watch that sounds the time automatically; a petite sonnerie chimes every hour, a grande sonnerie chimes every quarter-hour.
Split-second Chronograph A chronograph that employs two chronograph second hands to measure elapsed time as well as lap time. In other words, one chronograph hand can be stopped while the other keeps ticking; you can then record time and hit the catch-up button, and the stopped hand will catch up to the next. Also known as rattrapante or doppelchronograph.
Spotting Refer to Perlage
Spring Bar A thin metal bar with spring loaded extensions mounted between the lugs that attach a strap or bracelet to the case.
Staybrite A commercial term denoting the rust-free qualities of stainless steel and sometimes found stamped on the caseback.
Stem The shaft that connects to the movement's winding mechanism. The crown is fitted to the opposite end.
Striking Watch A watch with an acoustic complication such as a minute repeater or sonnerie that is struck on a gong.
Sub-dial A small dial placed inside a watch's main dial. Sub-dials often hold complications such as chronograph counters, an alarm indication, or a second time-zone indicator.
Swan's-neck Regulator A traditional form of micro-regulator that allows very precise adjustment of the rate. It employs a screw for adjusting the position of the regulator and a long, curved spring (shaped something like a swan's neck) to hold the regulator firmly against the tip of the screw.
Sweep-second hand Refer to Central Second
Swiss lever escapement It was designed that the lift is shared between the faces of the escape-teeth and the pallet-stones.
Swiss Made

A Swiss Federal government ordinance dated 23rd December 1971 decrees that "Swiss Made" can only be featured on a watch and used in connection with its marketing if

  1. At least 50% of the components, by value, excluding costs of assembly, are of Swiss manufacture.

  2. It was assembled in Switzerland.

  3. It was started up and regulated by its manufacturer in Switzerland.

  4. It is continuously subject to the legal obligation of technical inspection in Switzerland.

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