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Watch Paper A printed paper disc usually placed inside the outer case of a pair- cased watch to act as a buffer between the 2 metal cases.
Watch Winder An electric device that stores and winds automatic watches when the watches are not in use. Typically, a watch winder should give just enough energy to make a watch run for 24 hours in any given day. It is particularly useful for a perpetual calendar, or some other complex astronomical complication, where it is overly labor intensive to constantly reset the watch.
Water Resistant The ability to withstand water pressure. Water resistance is measured in meters, feet or ATM and refers to the depth that the watch movement will keep out of water.
Wheel The circular gear revolving around an axis, which transmits power or motion.
Wheel Train Refer to Gear Train
White Gold Any alloy of gold that is white in color, usually with nickel or palladium.

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